Map of UK Vineyards

(Note: this post is now superseded by this page)

I’ve been playing around with online mapping, and created an interactive map of UK vineyards.

The above map shows vineyards with over 2.5 hectares planted. The data is based on data made public by Stephen Skelton on his English Wine and English Sparkling Wines websites. Some of the data originates from the Wine Standard Board who collect information on planted areas from commercial wine producers. The data was then enriched by Stephen. All I’ve really done is to clean it a little, process it and display it on an interactive map.

Rather than using the embedded map above, the best way to see a map of UK vineyards is simply to save the KML file I created to your computer and open it in Google Earth (it’s easy to install Google Earth if you haven’t already got it). This gives a single fully functioning interactive map with placemarks sized according to planted area and with no limits on the number of placemarks displayed. Clicking on a placemark will, where data is available, allow you to see the planted varieties and a link to the producer’s website. One of the coolest things about the map file is that you can load it into Google Maps, save it to “my maps” then pick it up on your iPhone in the Google Earth app: I currently carry the UK Vineyards interactive map around with me in my pocket. Alternatively, you can “click on larger image” on the Google Maps map above, then switch to “Earth” view if you’ve got the Google Earth plug-in installed. Apologies to those of you for whom this is gibberish, but please persevere since it looks great!

Comments regarding the map or the data are greatly appreciated. If you’ve got any questions about how to use it or load it then just send me a message.

Below is an embedded map of the vineyards of planted area 0.5-2.5hectares

Below is an embedded map of the vineyards of planted area below 0.5hectares

The total number of vineyards covered here is 438, with the total planted area being 1,300 hectares. This is more than the 381 vineyards listed by the Wine Standard Branch (Food Standards Agency), although tallies quite well with the 1,324 hectares stated on that same site. Many vineyards are missing from either count, with comment on this available in Stephen Skelton’s “UK Vineyards Guide 2010.”

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6 Responses to Map of UK Vineyards

  1. This is sweet! I have been trying to find a vineyard map for an upcoming tour with no luck.

    (English Wine Producers: you are failing your members)

    • KenzieWine says:

      Ha! I did show the map to the EWP and offered it to them. I was told it looked wonderful. Then heard nothing. Oh well. I think if you don’t hold your breath too long you may see some iPhone app action, though….. (not from me – time and skills do not allow – shame)

  2. KenzieWine says:

    Actually I’m sure I can do better with this map. It still works well on Google Earth on my iPhone, but there are formatting issues on other platforms. Some of the labels are poorly formatted and technology has moved on since I hacked them out. I might get round to this in the latter half of June. It would, of course, be much better with some updated data, but that’s very hard to get hold of – I think Mr Skelton has the only decent set, but I’m sure he must have an update on what’s shown in my map.

  3. Gav says:

    Good work. As someone that works in wine retail and would like to encourage winemaking in this country i think you deserve a pat on the back.
    Only slight issue i have with it is that Nyetimber have over 8 hectares around Buckingham Palace ( did make me laugh though )

    • KenzieWine says:

      Thanks for your positive comments.
      Yes, the Buck Palace vineyard is a figment of my imagination. That acreage actually belongs to the vineyard at the house where the Nyetimber owner lives (or used to live, I’m not sure) but I relocated it on the map for some reason or other.
      Well spotted (it’s the only oddity I introduced onto the map, with otherwise is a serious and faithful geographical representation of the best data I have).

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