Harvard referencing Word addin for Plumpton

errrr…..turn away now if you’re not a Plumpton Wine student since this will be of NO interest. But if you are……..

To get your referencing in the “right” Plumpton Harvard format using Word’s referencing tool, copy this file (right click and “save as” that link) into something like c:/Program Files/Office12/Bibliography/Style (where other files named “*.XSL” live). Note this does not work on college computers.

To use the standard Word referencing tool look at Word’s “referencing” ribbon, and play with “manage sources” to enter items into your citation list, go to the end of your document and click on “bibliography” then “citation list” to insert your list of sources, and when you want to insert an actual citation into the body of your document just click on “insert citation” and select an item from the list you’ve already created.  If you’ve managed to copy my file correctly, then re-open Word and in the “references” “style” list you should see “Harvard – Stuart”. Click on that and voila all your citation list and individual citations should appear in the desired format.

A fellow student told me he got away with using one of Word’s built in referencing formats, rather than bothering to do the precise “Harvard” thing. This being the case you may wish to follow suit.

Good luck. Comments welcome (e.g. I can rename it to “Harvard – Plumpton” if more people start to use it). Note I don’t guarantee to support this, and you use it at your own risk. I use it for all my assessments and it saves me masses of time both in inserting citations and when doing new assessments since I can use a list of citations created for one assessment in another.

Right, that’s surely put you to sleep. If you’ve got to reading this far can I suggest you go and pour yourself a nice glass of wine?

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