Plumpton College do BORDEAUX

I just got back from a wonderful 4 days in Bordeaux. The trip was organised by the Plumpton College, with about 50 people going in all.

The focus of the trip was Vinitech, the world’s biggest vine and wine trade fair. I’d highly recommend the exhibition.

During the trip I visited the lovely Chateau de Sours (which kindly supports Plumpton College) and a couple of classed growths: Brane Cantenac and Chateau Batailley. We also saw the huge (17m litres per year) co-op at Rauzan which is France’s biggest producer, and lastly went to visit Domaine Gourdon which was set up by en ex-Plumpton student.

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What I particularly liked about the trip was its varied nature, since I also got to see Bordeaux itself, which is lovely in the centre, and spend time with my fellow students and some of the staff. Also with us were a couple of people connected to the Oregon LIVE organisation, of which I had the opportunity to learn a lot.

All in all a great trip, and I’m going to make sure to be on all forthcoming Plumpton Wine Department trips.

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