First day’s work placement work at Plumpton

Pruning in the “varietal patch” at Plumpton College: guyot trained, with vine heads at about 75cm height. Pulling out prunings and laying in the middle of the rows for later mowing and mulching. Pruned mainly in cane-replacement style: cutting off wood which has grown and lignified from last year; leaving 2 shoots (8-12 nodes, depending on apparent vigour of vine) which have grown this year to become next year’s canes off which next year’s shoots will grow; leaving 2 buds on 2 other shoots to become spurs for the following season off which next year’s shoot-to-cane choice will be made. Found I preferred to work with safety glasses on for pulling out since the old shoots had a habit of smacking me in the face. Worked only with Kevin Sutherland (vineyard manager).

7 hours worked.

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