Taking the Massey for a spin

Off to Rock Lodge with Kevin and Alex today to bang some posts. We had hitched up the post-pounder to the Massey 375 (after I forgot to pick up a top-bar from the tractor shed – but we recovered from that). I then drove the 8 miles to Rock Lodge (and back afterwards). This was quite an experience: by far my longest use of a tractor and my first time on a public road.

Me playing the fool (picture from Friday am, pre big-snow)

We banged in nearly 60 posts in all. IT was a very educational and interesting day, right at the very practical end of trellis initiation. I got great experience of banging posts on a variety of ground (sloped in any which way) and I had the opportunity to drive the tractor, operate the post-pounder and also run around seeing that everything was straight. Some of the posts had been pre-positioned, and others we had to heft from the entrance of Rock Lodge and site ourselves. After driving back to college, Alex and I alone took the post-pounder back to its home behind Wales Farm, then I took took the Massey back to the tractor shed and dumped the keys in the drop-off box.

Alex T, Massey and post-pounder

A splendid experience and well deserving of a celebratory dinner and pint with Alex in the Half Moon afterwards.

7 hours worked.

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