Stuck in the mud

Working again at Rock Lodge with Alex and Kevin, on a wet winter’s day. The lack of tractor availability today meant our post-pounding plans were on hold. Instead we took the trailer to Rock Lodge. We cleaned out the shed of old equipment and rubbish. We also laid out bamboos and sticks to show where future endposts were to be sited. This we did using a long length of cord to get a very straight line. We also shifted the large number of wooden end and intermediate posts from the entrance to the vineyard proper, though after very nearly getting the Landrover and trailer stuck in the mud (necessitating unloading the trailer and a good deal of shoving) we elected not to proceed in laying out the posts and more. Instead we satisfied ourselves with pruning some of the vines which had been planted this year, briefly flicking up the vineguards to snip off all growth above the second bud, and remove an secondary shoots. A bitty day, and not as satisfying as the work-fest yesterday.

7 hours worked.


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