More post pounding

With the 2 week inter-semester break now upon me I decided to do more practical work experience in the Plumpton College vineyards with Kevin (the vineyard manager) and some of the other students. I was delighted that Alex, my partner in crime last time, also pitched in as did Lucy and Mandy. Go girls!

Today we continued where we had left off with more pounding of end-posts, except this time there was no blizzard. I’m now feeling very affectionate towards the old Massey, and getting more comfortable in it. The post-pounding is, however, still a little fiddly and although we worked really hard all day I think we only managed around 30 of the massive wooden end-posts, though Kevin and Lucy on the other side of the vineyard managed to bang in a good deal more of the slim metal intermediates. My body aches from having manually sited most of the posts before the girls attacked them with the tractor.

All in all another good day, with another celebratory pint after. It’s probably a good place to mention the spectacular local just half a mile from Plumpton College. The Half Moon, like the College itself, is rather stuck in the middle of nowhere, but they have wonderful local beers (different every time I go in) which they take a pride in serving to perfection. Also Dave the barman is a really lovely chap. He’s always keen to get us to taste all his beers, and the way he talks about them you’d think you were at a high-class wine tasting. He also grows vines on his allotment and gets them made into wine with a very innovative new cooperative scheme run my Bolney Wine Estate. Very cool. I’d certainly recommend the pub – maybe I’ll see you in there sometime.

Anyway, back to work experience. Tomorrow should be a big day with Kevin absent and we are planning to grub up some old vines and trellising (hope we get the right ones!), site more posts and prune. I don’t quite share Kevin’s confidence in our ability to achieve quite that much in a day, but we’ll give it our best shot.

An excellent day today. 8 hours worked.

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One Response to More post pounding

  1. blackwatertown says:

    That barman certainly sounds like a gem.

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