Grubbing up

Mandy, Alex and Lucy enjoying a rare spot of sun

More Plumpton vineyard work experience left us students (me, Alex, Lucy and Mandy) without Kevin, with nothing other than some instructions and an enthusiasm to just do it. Today’s main task was grubbing up some old vines and trellising which had come to the end of their lives. Check out the 2 posts below for before and after pictures.

Backing the Fendt up so the bar is really close to a post

The process itself is pretty simple. We used the Fendt vineyard tractor, attaching a bar between the link arms and then a chain to that. The Fendt was reversed very close up to each successive post/vine, the chain wrapped around the target and then the link arms raised: rip! In practice it’s a little fiddly, but when we got into a rhythm it got quicker. We were slowed a little by the very wet ground which made even the Fendt struggle in places and we had to be creative with how we approached the posts and vines to enable to Fendt to get through the mud, whilst trying not to rip the ground up too much.

Mandy in the Fendt

It was a bit nippy today with the occasional flurry of snow, but fortunately nothing like when Alex and I were battling it at Rock Lodge shortly before Christmas. A good day in all.

7.5 hours worked.


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