SEVA tasting, and afters

Well done to Morfudd (3rd year Plumpton Student) today for running a South East Vineyards Association tasting in Brighton for the local ‘on’ trade. The event was well attended despite the small venue, and I think the next one will be larger so allowing more guests. I was helping out with the event, pouring wines and telling people about them. All the wines (all sparkling as it happens) tasted very well, and it was good to see the guests were generally very impressed, with each of the wines finding favour with one or all.

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After the event I yomped along to the wonderful new Brighton wine venue TenGreenBottles to meet the a local winemaker, then left there to meet yet another winemaker round the corner in a different bar, where we ended up coming second in a pub-quiz we stumbled across. And all this in the company of the lovely Julia from the English Wine Pantry, who it was again my pleasure to speak with. It was a bit of an unexpected afternoon and evening with many different people to speak with, but terrific fun. All in all a hectic day (and late night), starting in the vineyard and ending with winemakers.

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