Mandy and I rip it up

After a successful morning knocking in end-posts, Alex shot off (theatre, darling)  leaving Mandy and I an afternoon of vine and post grubbing up. We went to get out the Fendt only to discover that overnight some scaffolding had been put beside a building totally blocking our route!

Where did that scaffolding come from, and how are we going to get the Fendt out now!?

The solution was simple: rip up the vines blocking our way (they were on our list anyway, though we’d not planned on doing those right away). So after “freeing” the Fendt we set off across the vineyard to rip up the vines and trellising we’d intended to in the first place.

Mandy prepares for the last day of this trellis

All in all an excellent day’s work, and it was great to work again with both Alex and Mandy.

8 hours worked.

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