Biodynamic Lavernette

This morning started with a trip to Chateau de Lavernette which is a biodynamic producer.

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The group had had a pretty heated late night discussion on biodynamics, largely because I wouldn’t let it go. I’m not at all into the mythology surrounding biodynamics, though as a nature lover and a beekeeper I thoroughly applaud nature-centred management concepts and sustainability.

Lavernette is a small producer straddling the Pouilly-Fuisse and Beaujolais regions (only 3,000 bottles a year in recent years, though with capacity for more) with low yields (about 1.5t/ac which (assuming a 70% pressing) is about 26hl/ha, i.e. half what is permissible in the appellation). Though this is disappointing low, might it be the reason the whites are so completely fantastic?! They sell this stuff down Borough Market in London – get down and buy some: delicate and fruity, but with good body, acid and balance.

It’s fair to say the group was quite taken with “X-avier” (whose family has owned the chateau for centuries) and his American winemaker wife Kerrie. Quite a gorgeous and charismatic couple with real passion and talent. I do hope they are able to get those yields and volumes up so more people can try their great wines. And biodynamics, with its astrology, cow-horns and spraying with infinity hand shapes? Well, it’s nonsense, isn’t it? Well?

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