Whatever the larvae, they are not welcome bed-fellows

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We arrived at a beautiful vineyard to find our picker’s-accommodation as promised: very basic with a shared dorm, rough matresses and no paint on the walls. This was to be our accommodation for the trip. There was a general ripple of excitement in the group at the rustic charm of the place. Until, that is, after we’d already laid out all out sleeping bags, Ben checked his pillow and said “Hey, errrrr, are these goose feathers on these pillows and matresses?” Well, Ben’s a sharp chap and quickly clarified that in fact the bedding was covered in larvae. The things were everywhere. After much chat, laughter, negotiation (well done Alistair!), some ineffective hoovering and embarrassment on the part of our hosts we had packed up again and headed back for the superior accommodation of the college, though it had rather less charm. We spent the rest of the trip based there with a 10.30pm curfew because the stairs were alarmed for the benefit of the young general student population. Oh well.

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