Chateau de la Chaize

Rather than take us into Lyon for a guided tour as planned, our most excellent host Dominique (he really was superb, especially the education he gave us on the more colourful side of the French language) decided to take us for more Beaujolais sightseeing and, yes, some more tastings. After a trip up the Mont de Brouilly for some lovely views we visited the stunning Chateau de la Chaize.

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Chateau de la Chaize has 99ha in Brouilly, and the final wine they let us taste was my favourite of the trip (with the possible of exception of the Lavernette whites): a 2009 Brouilly aged for 10 months in old oak. The Chateau produces 500,000 bottles a year, with 80% of these with its own label and the rest going back to grape growers. Grand with great wines, austere yet friendly, de la Chaize was a fitting end to our trip before we headed to Lyon airport, with only one other simply lovely French meal to delay us.

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