Ridgeview purloins prestigous plaudits

I forgot to mention in my review of my recent trip to Beaujolais with Plumpton College that all of us tourists had been asked to take a bottle with us to show in a tasting given to our hosts. I stuffed a bottle of Ridgeview‘s delicious Cavendish (black grape heavy) into my sleeping bag before packing. It showed very nicely, and the Frenchies seemed to love it (with the exception of the Lycee Bel-Air director, but each to his own). It may not be the “Decanter Best Bubbly on the Planet” award, but I had the clear impression after the tasting that Ridgeview was again triumphant (fighting off stiff competition from an Isle of Wight sparkling, a Rioja, a Kiwi pinot, a Chilean shiraz and a white Molvovan cabernet sauvignon (yes, really)). Well, that’s how I’m calling it, anyway.

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One Response to Ridgeview purloins prestigous plaudits

  1. EBGB says:

    What IS it that on that trip most people insist on taking familiar varieties from the New World rather than different varieties from the Old World?

    Love the massive spamming you’re doing this week. 🙂

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