Way too late to tie down

Another in my “vineyard diary” posts today, where I shamelessly double up posting some vineyard experience and pictures to my blog with writing a diary as part of a Plumpton College assessment.

It started chilly today (compared to the unbelievable and unseasonal weather of the past few weeks) but by mid-day was back above 20C. It feels like June! The vines are now covered in shoots up to 2-3 nodes in length. I discovered that these are very snappable, and easily come off the cane, especially when one tries to tie down the canes to a fruiting wire. It really is too late to do this, though who would have thought growth would be so far progressed at this time of year: vine growth is about 2 weeks ahead of where it normally is. After this tying down at the Ditchling vineyard (pictures below) and a little wire-work and post-banging we headed back to the Plumpton College vineyard for the afternoon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The afternoon in the Plumpton Vineyard consisted of more trellis work, mainly in terms of replacing some of the GDC trellising, though a lack of 6-inch nails made this work incomplete. We de-commissioned old posts and trellis arms and banged in new posts, notching them with bow-saws ready for the construction of arms and wire-work at a later date.

I made my best of my time with Kevin to learn more about the vineyard flora (weeds) for identification for another College assessment I am doing.

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