This morning I visited the CIVC, the industry body which represents Champagne growers and houses. They are a powerful body who effectively have the power of law in Champagne. The CIVC is funded by a tax on both growers and houses, to the total of about EUR20m a year. Amongst other things they legislate to determine production methods and protect the brand worldwide. It was the latter which left the biggest impression on me given the strangely heavy focus the topic received in the presentation I saw. “Champagne” is only for Champagne, right!

I also learned some basic facts, such as the harvest yield is about 10-12 tonnes/hectare, and land costs about EUR1m per hectare. I already knew that Great Britain is the biggest importer of Champagne, but not the scale of this “lead”. Annual Champagne exports (in order) are: GB (35m), USA (17m), Germany (13m), Belgium (9m), Japan (7m) and so on. Apparently only half the 35m is actually drunk in Great Britain, with the other half finding its way to be re-exported elsewhere.








The lovely tasting room at Plumpton College is said to have taken inspiration from that at the CIVC pictured here. Inspiration, yes, but I think their budget is a tad higher.

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5 Responses to CIVC

  1. Nova C says:

    Great Stats! Thanks so much for posting them. I’m working on my MW and numbers like these are really helpful! Keep up the good work!

  2. champagne says:

    Hye ; please what do you mean like “Apparently” in Apparently only half the 35m is actually drunk in Great Britain, with the other half finding its way to be re-exported elsewhere

    Really good post & stats

    • KenzieWine says:

      ….just what it says. Although a huge amount of Champagne is imported into the UK, the UK is a major “hub” for the wine trade, with the some wine going from France to UK and then to other places, notably the far east. This is not only true for Champagne but also many other wines such as Claret. I’m afraid I’m not an expert on the numbers, but the figures shown in this blog post are those which we saw in the CIVC presentation.

  3. champagne says:

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  4. champagne says:

    thank a lot Ken 😉

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