The last afternoon of the SEVA trip to Champagne was more relaxed, with no hosted visits. Instead we had a huge lunch, followed by a waddle around the lovely small city of Reims (the cathedral is beautiful and highly recommended)  followed by a huge dinner. There may have been some wine and beer in there too. The dinner was at Boulingrin, a fish restaurant which I would highly recommend. The staff were surly as hell, but perhaps that was part of the charm? Good food and lovely inside, and although they had stuck Les Anglais out of the way at the back we still had a great time.

After that was the highpoint of the day: (I can’t believe I’m saying this) the 11pm son et lumiere at the front of Reims Cathedral. Yes, it sounds naff, but in actual fact it was stunning. Specially conceived to celebrate 800 years of the cathedral the show has to be seen to be believed. The creators managed to “dress” each of the figures in colourful clothes, bathe the facade in any number of graphic styles, and project construction workers at key points. All in a 20+ minute show which was mesmerising and beautiful. I lay on the cobbles with the large crowd and lapped it up, not noticing the hardness of the stones. Then off to the bus for a late return to the hotel in Epernay.

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