Effervescents du Monde 2011 – the final verdict

An example of two of the flights in the competition

Well, the final verdict from Effervescents du Monde 2011 will have to wait a few days until the results are out. From my point of view, judging in my first big wine competition was a valuable, interesting and educational experience. Like my colleagues from Plumpton College I hope I did a good job. With that in mind I’ll be receiving feedback on my judging (scores v others on my panels) in the next few weeks, which will be most illuminating.

Oh, for interest, I should probably outline how the competition judging works. There were 6 sessions in all, each of 10 wines for each judge. Each of these “flights” was judged simultaneously by a panel of 5 judges who work completely blind and completely independently – it’s like sitting in a big exam hall on separate tiny tables. The results of each panel are combined by discarding the highest and lowest judged score for each wine and then taking an average of the other 3 judges. For each wine there are 8 categories to judge, with a weighting system to give more impact from certain attributes. The judging regime is all quite technical and has had a lot of thought put into it. After the judging is over, all the judges get to try ALL the wines in a big tasting free-for-all with the wines’ identities revealed. Phew!

I’m very much looking forward to the results. There were a few English wines in the competition this year (I did not get to judge these) so fingers crossed for those.

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