The Centre of English Wine Production

Someone asked me today where the exact centre of the English Wine production industry is. Well, it’s Plumpton College, of course, I replied. Actually the answer they were after was more of an analytical one, based upon the latitude and longitude of each vineyard and weighted by the area of each. That’s quite an easy one based on some previous work I’d done on mapping English Vineyards.

The answer is…..

……..wait for it……

…..yes it’s 51.3137149619228,-0.840020995378401

And for those of us without computers for brains that’s just west of Minley Road in northern Hampshire, about 1.5km north of Fleet Services on the M3. The exact point is in Yately Heath Wood.

(And for completeness, the geographical centre of English vineyards linearly weighted (i.e. not weighting the vineyard locations by planted area) is about 5km south of Didcot)

I suspect with all the recent southern plantings that the real ‘centre’ location is actually creeping further south.

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