Gentilini Winery and Vineyards

Gentilini is a modern winery producing comtemporary styles of premium wine, although mainly from native Greek grapes. I’m delighted to find myself here since the wines are really lovely. My particular favourite is the Robola varietal wine (a native Kefalonian variety with its own PDO), though several of the reds are superb too.

I’ve found the range of varieties novel and confusing: Robola (rich and lemony, giving juicy, fuller bodies wines); Moschofilero (wonderful bergomot and rose notes); Mavrodafni (high quality reds); Mavrofilero (well, not officially, but whatever it is has a superb raspberry hit and is great in the blends); Agiorgitiko (top quality reds); and so on.

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So far the team here seem teriffic. The owners are very involved in the day to day, though they sensibly let the head winemaker, Mike Jones, call the shots in the winery. Mike’s a real character (ex-Plumpton student, though many vintages ago) and I’m looking forward working with him.

Strangley the wines are not sold in the UK, despite having picked up some decent international awards in past years. Someone’s got to put this right.

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