Thunder, lightning and a down day

Awakened by thunderous roars, last night I enjoyed an hour of the finest light show I’ve ever see thanks to a huge storm over Kefalonia. Worse was to come. The 7am start worked well as we set up for some pre-planned tasks (draining some rose from one cold-macerating tank to concentrate a red, and crushing and briefly cold-macerating some syrah to then press it out). However, despite appeal on the palate, the colour extraction of both left a lot to be desired meaning the anti-climax of some wasted set-ups and the promise of the same tomorrow when the colour has had more time to emerge. The unusually long period of maceration required left us scratching our heads. So it was on to the excitement of labelling when this happened…..

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…..the heavens truely opened and the steps beside the winery became a waterfall as the entire vineyard run-off passed us by – but the design of the building was good and despite a huge 5.8mm in 1 hour (!yes, really, we measured it!) not a drop passed the threshold of the winery on either level. Some of the rest of the island was not so fortunate, and we saw evidence and heard stories of flooded cars, blocked roads and collapsed sidings.

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