UK vineyards map

UKVineyards2012_Allincl2012awardsThe main map includes 603 vineyards. The recent awards for UK wines shown on the map are awards from: Decanter 2012, IWC 2012, IWSC 2012, UKVA 2012, SEVA 2012, DecanterAsia 2012, ChinaWSA 2012 and ChinaWSABestValue 2013.

Place markers are colour coded to indicate the top award gained by a producer: red stars for trophy or gold or gold outstanding or double gold, red squares for silver outstanding or silver, red circles for bronze or commended, and white markers for others.

The choice of award bodies shown is somewhat arbitrary, and the implication that awards can be compared between bodies is false. However, I feel the map is nevertheless of some interest.

I also prepared some regional maps. These are subsets of the big map but they load faster.

Please give me suggestions for updates and improvements to these maps. Of course the maps are only as good as the data behind them, and up to date and accurate data is hard to come by.

Credit goes to Stephen Skelton MW, author of the excellent UK Vineyards Guide 2010, whose hard work produced much of data I used when creating these maps.


2 Responses to UK vineyards map

  1. Simon says:

    Stuart, Good work – A next step could be to provide a filter for size of vineyard by ha. so you could see vineyards above 5ha for example, Thanks, Simon

    • KenzieWine says:

      Thanks. On my old map I had only certain vineyard sizes, and on another version I made the size of spot proportional to the size of vineyard (required Google Earth rather than Google Maps to see that). Unfortunately in Stephen Skelton’s latest lot of online data this hectarage is not available and short of ringing around and then typing it in I’m not sure how to get the data. If someone can point me to a better data source I can easily whack it onto an online map quickly since it’s all set up with a spreadsheet and upload script I wrote.

      Hope all’s well at Stopham. Am looking forward to more of your delicious Pinot Gris (had some over Christmas).

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